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Founded by the top-notch biologist Dr. Yi Rao in 2019, Gritgen is dedicated to make "Great Science for human health" and committed to becoming a global biotech by innovative research. 

  • 2019

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Great Science for Human Health


Innovative gene therapy better the lives of all mankind


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  • 0001-501.jpg
    • January
      • GS1191, a gene therapeutic product for hemophilia A totally developed by Gritgen, has got IND approval and initiated Phase I trials in P.R. China.

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    • January
      • Gritgen raised RMB 300 million for series A financing.

    • December
      • The cGMP commercial manufacturing facility was completed.

  • 0001.jpg
    • March
      • Patient enrollment was initiated for the investigator initiated trial (IIT) of GS1191.

    • May
      • The Gritgen headquarters moved to suzhou industrial park.

  • 510310-63.jpg
    • December
      • Gritgen raised RMB 80 million for series pre-A financing.

  • 510310-240.jpg
    • September
      • Gritgen Therapeutics was founded in Beijing.

  • Team Introduction

    • b1img03.jpg
      Yi Rao, Ph.D.

      Scientific Founder & Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board

      Dr. Yi Rao was fully involved in the establishment and management of Gritgen, and provided scientific guidance for Gritgen.

      • Dr. Yi Rao has involved in the reform and construction of many scientific and educational institutions in China. He assisted the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish the Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai and participated in the establishment of the National Institute of Biological Sciences in Beijing. He founded or co-founded the Shanghai Interdisciplinary Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Peking University-Tsinghua University Joint Center for Life Science, the Peking University McGovern/IDG Brain Institute, and the Beijing Institute of Life Sciences. He is one of the co-sponsors of West Lake University and the former director of its Institute of Basic Medicine. He was one of the scientists that founded China's "Future Science Prize" and a co-sponsor of the "Science Discovery Award".

      • He is a member of the Medical Board of the Canadian Gairdner International Medical Awards.

      • Dr. Yi Rao got his Ph.D. degree in neuroscience from the University of California, San Francisco. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology at Harvard University.

    • b1img04.jpg
      Jianjin Dong, M.L.

      Founder & Chairman

      Chairman of Gritgen

      • Before establishing Gritgen,  Jianjin Dong engaged in the law practice in the financial market for nearly 20 years and served as the executive director of a top international financial institution and the chief lawyer of Shanghai International Energy Exchange Co., Ltd.

      • Jianjin Dong has extensive experience in the financial market and has provided legal advice to several financial regulators and self-regulated organizations.

  • Co-founders
    • 0001.jpg
      Fenglan Wu, Ph.D.

      Co-founder & CEO

      Responsible for overall corporate strategy and the Company's comprehensive operation management

      • Dr. Wu has a profound industrial and financial background in the pharmaceutical field and has practical experience in pharmaceutical R&D, company operation, and financial marketing for over 10 years.

      • Dr. Wu was formerly served as the Research scientist at GSK, senior scientist at Zai Lab, and vice president of China Renaissance.

      • Ph. D.  Pharmacy  Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

        Master  Immunology  Shanghai Jiao Tong University,

        Bachelor  Pharmacy  Tongji Medical College.

    • b1img06.jpg
      Tenghui Yu, Ph.D.

      Co-founder & Vice President, Discovery

      Responsible for drug early discovery and development

      • Dr. Yu  has deep understanding on the drug early discovery, AAV vector development and clinical translation .

      • Postdoctoral fellow  Peking University,

        Ph. D.  Physiology  Peking University,

        Bachelor  Biological Sciences  Sun Yat-sen University.

  • Management Team
    • 001-59.jpg
      Junying Wang, M.D.

      Senior Vice President, Medical Development

        • Be responsible for the clinical trial design of relevant products. For significant technical solutions related to the medical filed during the new product development, be involved in the decision makings.

        • Over 15 years experience of clinical research. In charged of the clinical development strategy establishments and implementations for several new molecules.Enriched medical lead experience ranging from Phase I to Phase Ⅲ clinical trials in several therapeutic areas.

        • Previously served as Medical Science Head at Suzhou Biopharmaceutical company, Senior Medical Director at Syneos Health (APAC, North America), Associate Medical Director at Global Medicine Development China, AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Company.

        • Master of Medicine, graduated from the Second Military Medical University. Visiting Scholar of Gunma University,Japan.

    • liuyuan-472.jpg
      Yuan Liu, M.D.

      Vice President, Clinical Operation

      • Be responsible for clinical operations and trial project management.

      • Over 16 years experience of clinical research operations. Previouly particiapted in or was in charged of dozens international or China registration study in multiple therapeutic areas. Has rich experience of clinical monitoring and project management. Also has extensive experience of study vendor management, as well as the establishment of team organizational structures and systems.

      • Previously served as Head of Clinical Operations at Lynk Pharmaceutical, Senior Director of Clinical Operations at JW Therapeutics, Clinical Project Director at Zai Lab, and Country Study Manager at Roche.

      • Bachelor of Medicine, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. EMBA of Aberdeen University.

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