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    Great Science for Human Health
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    Seeking Truth, Excellence
    Cooperation, Responsibility

    We are looking for partners who possesss the same values and are committed to improving the quality of life for all mankind

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    Philosophy of Talents
    Talents are the key to the company's success.

    We welcome various experts with different experiences from different regions, and provide wholehearted empowerment and support. We listen to the voice of each employee with full respect. We offer the opportunities to every employee for their career development. We deeply believe that only with the fully exploiting the employee’s talents could help Gritgen to achieve a brilliant future.


Working in Gritgen

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    Dual-channel career promotion
    Dual-channel career promotion

    We provide employees with a dual-channel development path comprising management and specialty to facilitate their personal career development.

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    Diversified Learning Development
    Diversified Learning Development

    We provide employees with a full range of resources and opportunities for learning and create a continuous-learning culture .

    • Sharing Knowledge in frontier fields

    • Various targeted training

    • Open access to abundant learning resources

    • Multi-modal practice opportunities

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    Competitive salary and welfare
    Competitive salary and welfare

    We provide employees with market-competitive salaries, and ensure comprehensive welfare and employee care.

    • Generous annual leave and sick leave system

    • Annual physical examination

    • Competitive holiday welfare

    • Commercial insurance including employee's child/children

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    Comfortable working environment
    Comfortable working environment

    We provide employees with a comfortable working environment based on their needs.

    • Ergonomic office hardware unit

    • Diversified functional area design

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    Abundant team activities
    Abundant team activities

    We are committed to providing employees with various opportunities to strengthen their bodies and relax their moods.

    • Company team bonding activities

    • Various club activities


Team Building Activities

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Why Gritgen

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    Wang Li
    Process Manufacturing Department

    The reason why I joined Gritgen is its deep engagement in the field of gene therapy, which matches my ideal of "offering a better quality of life for patients". Its technical requirement is also fit to my original technical background; In addition, Gritgen is founded by internationally famous biologists with professional and academic management teams. Gritgen has  excellent strength at drug discovery and development. By joining such a company with great development potential, I definitely believe my personal growth and development will be faster and better.

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    Zhao Ying-nan
    Legal Affairs Department

    I am a former staff from the extremely competitive Internet giants. After joining Gritgen, I realize that it is awesome to work  and strive together to do something meaningful. Gritgen has super-strong execution. In such pandemic and capital winter,  we still achieved various milestones under the leadership of the founders and managements, which was fully appreciated by the investors. How long a person can reach depends on his companion. Gritgen is not ambiguous in terms of ability and values during employee selection and appointment. With the joining of more and more excellent colleagues, I believe that we will achieve self-growth while accomplishing rapid development of Gritgen.

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    Wei Qing-fang
    Quality Control Department

    As a pharmaceutical staff, developing a good drug to patient is the way to realize my self-value.  Gritgen’s vision of “Great Science for A Prosperous China and People’s Health and Happiness” reflects its responsibilities for the nation and the people, which deeply touches me.  I believe that we will establish a robust quality system reflecting Gritgen's values. Through such effort in Gritgen, we will make our contribution to the part of the blueprint of a prosperous China.

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    Zhao Jin-feng
    Project Department

    The excellent leadership team of Gritgen with strong amiability and frankness is undoubtedly the great driver for innovation. Meanwhile the cohesion, pragmatist and efficiency of Gritgen’s team also deeply impress me. Therefor I firmly believe that Gritgen is the most suitable platform for both my self-improvement and self-worth accomplishment.

Welcome to join Gritgen. Let's share and move forward together.